REPOSTING in Progress: Weeks 2 to 109

This place holder is for the entries from our original blog to be added, eventually. Please check back – this re-creation is a labor of Love and will take a bit of  t-i-m-e- which, while still traveling, we do not always have a lot available to devote to this.


To Our Loved Ones

Dear Family and Friends,

As we were preparing to leave home, some of you asked,
“Will you be on FaceBook?”
We replied, “No.”
“So will you have a blog?”
“No,” our answer again.

One friend however felt it necessary for us to have a blog, took the initiative, and went home to create this. Voila! All we had to do was learn how to make posts to it. Thank you, our friend!

We invite all to join us vicariously here, as we begin our Journey Toward Wholeness,
Claire & Loren