Top 25 Moments

Loren’s Top Twenty-Five Moments, December, 2017
  1. Having no return date for when we come home changes everything
  2. Hearing Claire say, “I’m loving our travels, let’s keep going!”
  3. Surprising Claire on our 23rd Wedding Anniversary with Copper Rings, handmade from 3/4” pipe
  4. Leaving home and starting off on the road in our van… “Eyes wide open, ready for anything!”
  5. Improving my skills in Italian: I realize I am now much more than a beginner
  6. Making this bit of wisdom shared by a new friend in Bath, England one of our mottos: “Whatever the weather, we’ll weather the weather, whether we like it or not!”
  7. Shaking hands with President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady, Rosalyn Carter
  8. Appreciating how my focus on bringing Joy and Laughter to others gives me energy, while, for example, debating solutions to political problems does not
  9. Experiencing that our consciousness continues on the other side
  10. Singing a line of the 1968 hit, Do You Know the Way to San Jose? with  a clerk at a market checkout counter in Auburn, Nebraska, then later with many others
  11. Meeting Mountain Gorillas up close and seeing the Wildebeest migration in Africa
  12. Watching the enchanting play of Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in Iceland
  13. Seeing surreal Antarctic seas and glaciers, observing penguins in their natural habitat and recognizing the fragility of our ecosystems
  14. Feeling new appreciation for artists – how they think, feel and see the world
  15. Learning how much folks enjoy receiving a postcard in today’s online world!
  16. Conversing over a pasta dinner with a tattoo-piercings artist, and coming to respect him and his lifestyle 
  17. Finding deeper connections with my Italian side relatives and roots
  18. Having renewed gratitude for the value of the UU course called ‘Building Your Own Theology’ 
  19. Using online and offline technological tools has been a tremendous game changer for us – compared to our earlier travels
  20. Returning to Greece for our 25th Honeymoon Anniversary
  21. Acknowledging how small the world has become, and how we and everything on planet Earth are interconnected
  22. Realizing that I have become just a wee bit more whole from our journey
  23. Knowing that the ruin caused by bad and corrupt governance, like in Zimbabwe, can happen anywhere in the world 
  24. Learning how high the Himalaya Mountains really are – the California Sierras are only simply hills in comparison
  25. Journeying on the road, people ask us, “Where is your favorite place, what’s the best part of the trip?” After deep reflection I now reply, “Inside myself!”

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