Our Sermons and Workshops


Claire and Loren have had the honor and privilege to be invited into our home Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Sunnyvale pulpit on several occasions over our twenty+ years of membership. We have each shared from the pulpit individually, sometimes in combination with our minister or other congregation members, and, sometimes together. The same has been true On The Road! In August, 2014, a pulpit in Olympia, Washington invited us to share about our Journey when it turned out that Loren spoke individually as Claire was committed to teaching Bikram Yoga classes in California. We were together in the pulpit of Terre Haute, Indiana in mid-November, 2014, in Boone, North Carolina at the end of March, 2015, and, back in our home congregation in Sunnyvale, California in February, 2016. We always appreciate an opportunity to share our thoughts, stories and learnings with meaningful communities.



Claire and Loren have individually and together facilitated groups on a variety of topics for personal growth activities, both professionally and as volunteers. Since being on the road, we had the rewarding opportunity to lead a Poetry Workshop at the European Unitarian Universalist conference held in Koln (Cologne), Germany, in late October, 2015. Quoting part of Tim Baker’s glowing review for the EUU December, 2015 Unifier:

“I attended the delightful poetry workshop led by Claire and Loren Wright. There were many great things about this workshop. … My poem came much quicker and more naturally than I had expected. … Overall, the class was brilliantly put together and had a lovely flow which really helped the group to participate and work both individually and collectively. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all involved. Big credit to Claire and Loren for putting this on and I hope that further workshops of similar ilk can be adapted and used at future EUU events so others have an opportunity to be part of this.”

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