Week 1 April 5, 2014

Our Journey began in earnest earlier today, April 5. Loren and I finished the big job of sorting our household belongings to keep in storage, wrapped up all we would take with us in our packed-to-the-gills van, and set off for my Birthday / our Bon Voyage Bash.

We were off to a bit of a hairy start when just as we were about to leave I misplaced my keys, delaying our departure for a while. Then, Loren’s car had a dead battery! AAA came to rescue and we were still able to enjoy lunch out with a good friend and his daughter – an adult now and who was the Flower Girl at our wedding, who had helped us with the final household packing. We were then also able to keep our early afternoon commitment to host a Stop Hunger Now Meal Packaging Event, which was the main part of our Bash.

IMG_4686.jpeg IMG_0014_2.jpg
IMG_0020_2.jpg IMG_0101_2.jpgIMG_0112_2.jpg IMG_0015_2.jpgIMG_0027_2.jpg IMG_0031_2.jpg
IMG_0024_2.jpg IMG_0107_2.jpg
IMG_4699.jpeg IMG_0019_2.jpg IMG_4692.jpeg
IMG_0121_2.jpg IMG_0039_2.jpg
IMG_0146_2.jpg IMG_0145_2.jpg

Thank you to the approximately 75 people who attended to help bag more than 10,000 packages of food, to those who sent contributions, to those who sent well wishes, and to those who brought food – and a birthday cake (!) – for the potluck following the main event. A very special thanks to our many friends who helped and supported us so much along the way as we prepared for this Journey. It was wonderful to have so many hugs today, and to receive encouragement from so many people who we care for deeply.

IMG_0048_2.jpg IMG_0036_2.jpg

Tonight, Loren and I are houseguests of our minister, as the new tenants moved into our home this afternoon. I realized while preparing for bed that staying where we are tonight is a privilege we would not have had if we had continued to live day to day in San Jose.


There is so much more to say, but, after only 3 hours of sleep last night and a tremendously satisfying, though long day, it is now time for bed.

Good Night, Sweet Dreams!


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