Week 197 January 6, 2018

Happy 2018! And, Happy Little Christmas, January 6! To commemorate this new year, I want to share words from around the worldfor Cheers! Well, words or phrases that mean Cheers, Happy New Year, or To Your Health, and only some from some of the parts of the world where Loren and I have visited, or words that we have learned or discovered  from other travelers, and, mostly in my own form of phonetic spelling:

Agyshegette, Doormoi, Fe Sehetak, Geevehlee, Goang Shi Fah Tzai, Gong Hay Fat Choy, Na Zdrowie, Narok, Nastarovia, Nossa, Nostrovi, Prost, Salute, Sante, Sawl E Neu Mubabrak, Slainte, Stiniyamas… however you may say it, we send our Best Wishes!

We spent New Year’s Eve in Patan Durbar Square, the second historic Palace that we have seen of what was once Nepal’s three kingdoms. The first one we saw in Bhaktapur last week, and we hope to visit the third in Kathmandu before we leave Nepal.  It is sad how, just as was true in Bhaktapur, Patan’s Durbar Square suffered a great amount of damage during the 2015 earthquake. The reconstruction is painstaking and ongoing. 

IMG_0711.jpg IMG_0743.JPG IMG_0746

We also celebrated a lovely New Year’s Eve! We visited a new friend and her husband who live in Patan. They are originally from the Netherlands, and we had met her with another “Dutchie” on our Poonhill trek. They served us a delicious dinner, and with lively conversations the evening simply slipped by! When Loren and I returned to our Thamel neighborhood by taxi it was just before midnight, and the streets were as “crazy” as our hotel owner had warned. We eventually and safely squeezed and pushed our way through the streets full of throngs of revelers… On New Year’s day Loren and I enjoyed another peaceful and leisurely dinner from the special holiday menu at the downstairs restaurant of our hotel, served by one of the always friendly and helpful waitstaff.

IMG_7831.jpg IMG_0752 2 IMG_0754.jpg

One travel book claimed that treks are the most popular activity in Nepal because of the “gasp-worthy views of the Himalayas.” Gasp-worthy is true to our experiences, and now we have had two more opportunities to gasp. Loren had told me while we were in Nargakot on our second trek, that with our hotel owner’s help his Christmas gift to me would be a helicopter ride to see Mount Everest up close. Wow! However, it did not seem possible as other than our generous hotel owner who would join us, there were no other people interested to share the cost. We were considering other options, maybe a shorter flight, so kept putting it off, until… This week, another couple who were also interested showed up, and voila! We took the “heli” ride on short notice.

IMG_0779.JPG IMG_0849.jpg IMG_1105

It was a phenomenal time! Neither Loren nor I had ridden in a helicopter before, and, to see Everest this way was priceless. The pilot showed us that his thermometer read -40C as we neared the summit. Our trip included breakfast on the outdoor patio at nearby Hotel Everest View. There it is – the tallest mountain on the planet above sea level just above Loren in the photo, with the wind stirred clouds blowing off to her right. The pilot landed twice, so both Loren and I had an opportunity to sit in the front seat.

IMG_0954.JPG IMG_1096.JPG IMG_1091

Not only did we share a most exciting experience together, we so enjoyed this other couple that we also had dinner together that evening. Loren and I have been so privileged to meet some very special people on our Journey. It is always wonderful when the connection is as strong as some have turned out to be. 

IMG_1003.JPG IMG_1010.jpg IMG_1062.jpg

Loren had also insisted that since we are so close, we must visit Bhutan before we leave this part of the world which we had arranged. Our flight from Kathmandu to Paro the next day afforded us an opportunity to see Mount Everest from yet another vantage point, and we are most grateful for this additional view via another mode of travel. Now, today is our second of seven days of visiting in Bhutan. We were welcomed by our friendly guide and driver with gifts of traditional white scarves. They are wearing the traditional knee high gho outfits for men. Women wear traditional full length kira skirts. 

IMG_1137.JPG IMG_1157.jpg

The Kingdom of Bhutan requires tourists to be guided, not to travel on their own. It is a landlocked country of 700,000 people in the Himalaya, bordered to the north by Tibet autonomous region of China, and, otherwise, surrounded by India. It is a country where 87% of the population practice Buddhism. We have already driven from Paro where the airport is, to the capital city, Thimpu, which has a population of 100,000. So far we have seen a 14th century iron chain link footbridge, and an impressive Memorial Chorten or Stupa; we have hiked up to two different monasteries – one where we had our recently purchased prayer flags blessed, and, seen the enormous, newly erected statue of Buddha.

IMG_1159.jpg IMG_1170 IMG_1198.JPG

It is much colder in Bhutan than in Kathmandu – as we were forewarned, and, this afternoon a chill wind kicked up and has increased in intensity as the day has worn on. We are so very grateful for the roof over our heads and for the heater in our hotel room.

4 thoughts on “Week 197 January 6, 2018

  1. WOW. I so glad to have the blog back, albeit in transition. Sorry for the additional challenges. As for this journey it just gets more captivating with each adventure. Thank you so very much for sharing. You are both very missed, thought of regularly and prayed for daily!
    Until next time, Namaste cherished friends🙏🏻
    Always love, hugs and smiles,


    1. Dear Bon,
      Thank you for following along! We always love having your inspiring comments here, and just wish we weren’t so far away. Until we see each other again, we send you all our best wishes,


  2. Wow. Your travels are absolutely amazing. Love following you two. We are looking forward to seeing Costa Rica this coming week. Our travels are short and usually to warmer weather!!

    Cherie and Les Heddleston


    1. Thanks for your comment Cherie! Wishing you and Les a wonderful time in Costa Rica, we are heading next to New Zealand for the warm summertime there. Thanks for following along with us!


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