Week 246 December 15, 2018

This week Loren and I have spent most of our time with Loren’s Mom, practicing Bikram Yoga, and, ringing in the holidays with special friends, a party and a couple of concerts. I just wish I had taken more and better photos to capture all the precious moments… For example, I missed taking pictures of our new to us Writer’s Group holiday party, making popcorn garland with Loren’s Mom from leftover Indian corn, and, a dinner out with a dear colleague friend of mine. Suffice all this to say what a drink bottle top suggests:


I did manage to capture a photo of a leaf that fell into my lap after I parked at the grocery store. Then I photo’d its sibling colorful leaf found outside my car for fun.


Then, a ‘Do not open until December 25’ package arrived from Santa this week. We’re being good Santa!


With my teaching more yoga this month I have been craving a massage, and Loren and I found a massage parlor nearby that has reasonable prices and good masseuses. Ahhh…

IMG_9456.jpg IMG_9457.jpg

Then I did manage to capture a few photos at the end of the week from a lunchtime concert we attended with a friend at City Hall in downtown Oakland.

IMG_9462.jpg IMG_9463.jpg IMG_9465.jpg

We specifically went to see another friend perform with Oakland’s city employees, including firefighters, police and office workers,

IMG_9487.jpg IMG_9466.jpg IMG_9472.jpg IMG_9481.jpg IMG_9474 IMG_9473

then we had a fulfilling lunch together nearby afterwards. 


Loren and I topped off our week attending the local theatre Choir Holiday Concert, which was as enjoyable and entertaining as their summer performance had been. 


We hope you are able to enjoy this holiday season with people who are special to you too.

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