Week 248 December 29, 2018

Dear Family and Friends, you are especially on our minds at this time of the year, and we were fortunate to spend time with a few of you this week!

For me, while Loren was with his Mom, I had a lovely Christmas Eve Eve hike with a friend and two of her friends, followed by dinner at her home afterwards. It was a wonderful time, but I forgot to capture a photo… Then I had a memorable Christmas Eve lunch date with my friend and former supervisor. She has moved out of the area since we’ve been gone, so it was wonderful to see her while she was in town. All I have of that special occasion is a screenshot of the restaurant’s website…


After the nice lunch date, I took myself over to the Anderson Museum at Stanford University, where they have a large collection of Rodin works, and, an Andy Warhol exhibition until early January that I have wanted to see. I did capture a few photos…

IMG_9551.jpg IMG_9562.jpg

Then it was Christmas! Loren and I had a little celebration in the morning. Then Loren was off to spend the day with his mother and sister while I taught the 2 classes of yoga that day, then I joined Loren and his Mom and sister for a good meal and a not so good Warriors vs. Lakers game – LeBron hobbled off the court with an injury, but worse, our Warriors still lost. I neglected again to take any other photos, except one of the cousins’ Christmas letter with a photo of her grandchildren. Oh, and one from where another dear cousin celebrated on the east coast, I have her photo that she sent as well.

IMG_9563.jpg IMG_9564.jpg 20181225_104636.jpeg

Since I did teach on Christmas, I am also capturing how the studio is decked out this week with festive touches…

IMG_9565.jpg IMG_9566.jpg

and, another photo from after a different class this week, another one of a new wall decoration as the new owners are bit by bit renovating the studio space, and, another one of a heron who had a unique perch on my way home from class one day!

IMG_9548.jpg IMG_9568.jpg IMG_9547.jpg

Loren and I had a wonderful lunch date with friends the day after Christmas – again where was my camera? Then we spent another couple of days seeing cousins nearby for a great overnight visit that included outstanding weather.

IMG_9581.jpg IMG_9585.jpg IMG_9586.jpg

This particular cousin’s home where we stayed is a school teacher, and I love her inspiring home art!

IMG_9588 IMG_9591.jpg IMG_9592.jpg IMG_9597.jpg

Not only that, but she had saved a handwritten dated January, 1961 from our great-grandmother to her mother who was visiting too. This great-grandmother is how she and I are related. What a treasure!

IMG_9598.jpg IMG_9601.jpg

Now, Loren and I are wishing you and yours the happiest of New Years yet!

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