Week 251 January 19, 2019

We started the week enjoying a Bird of Paradise bloom that I had salvaged from our yard work last week. In our bedroom it went from pretty to prettier to gorgeous to more gorgeous in the span of just a few days.

IMG_9677.jpeg IMG_9683.jpeg IMG_9684.jpeg IMG_9725 2.JPG

By far the highlight this week was Loren’s Mom’s 93rd bday. We celebrated by taking  dinner to her and his sister’s house – a little more elaborate menu this week than usual.


We enjoyed watching her open the gifts we brought…

IMG_9697.jpeg IMG_9700.jpeg IMG_9703.jpeg

and afterwards shared an ice cream cake, with the backdrop of a Warriors game on TV. We continued the celebration later in the week by going out to dinner with her and Loren’s sister, and watching another Warrior’s game with them at their home.

IMG_9708.jpeg IMG_9712.jpeg

Then it was back to the routine of the week. Fortunately Apple was able to fix Loren’s Mac, but this week we had more misfortune in that the windshield replaced back in June leaked with the torrential rains, resulting in the floor of our van being absolutely soaked!  We were able to get a warranty repair appointment, and will hope it was fully corrected. We will hope too for no further mishaps. In the meantime, we will work to make lemonade from Loren’s sister’s prolific lemon tree harvest, and aim for what a car seen in a parking lot this week suggests.

IMG_9721.jpeg IMG_9722.jpeg

4 thoughts on “Week 251 January 19, 2019

  1. What a glamorous ice cream cake; I can only imagine the yummy sweet velvety cold taste of the ice cream underneath the outrageously gorgeous:frosting. Ice cream cakes are always ordered for FJ’ and LT’s birthdays.


    1. Thanks for your comment CaroleSue! Yes, the ice cream was delicious and there was even a little layer of chocolate cake inside!


  2. Hi my name is Cliff Cassin. I was wondering if Loren remember me and my parant rich and Nancy Cassin. We had cabin # 4 at Swedburg on clear lake. Lots of old memory up there in the sumers. I also remember Linda and Loren’s mom and dad.

    Cliff Cassin


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