Week 282 August 24, 2019

Loren’s and my week’s highlight was a backpack in the Emigrant Wilderness in the Stanislaus National Forest, in the Sierra Nevada mountains. We started off at Crabtree Trailhead. From our AirBnB home base of 5,000 feet, we were hiking around at about 8,000-9,000 feet, yet still we felt the higher altitude’s effects.


After a mainly uphill slog, we setup camp where we had a view of Chewing Gum Lake. 


After that first day hike, we revisited sites where we have gone in years past. We had awesome views of flora,

IMG_2985.JPG IMG_2947.JPG IMG_3002

fauna — including a frog underwater, can you see it?

IMG_2969.JPG IMG_2989.jpg IMG_2992.JPG

and vistas — that’s Sonora Peak, an inviting mountain meadow, and, we had many opportunities to see aspects of the Dardanelles.

IMG_2973.JPG IMG_2975.JPG IMG_3041.JPG

We enjoyed some creature comforts — including Chef Lorenzo’s “snow cone” concoctions and learned from our newest friend about a device that reliably communicates home by satellite. We also found the alpine lake where Loren has had at least a couple of swims some years ago.

IMG_2981.JPG IMG_2982.JPG

We also delighted in a campfire one night, perhaps our best ever, with logs that took forever to burn before we retired for the night.

IMG_2996.JPG IMG_2998.JPG

We camped our last night at Powell Lake, and were enchanted with the reflection. 

IMG_3011.JPG IMG_3024.JPG IMG_3057.JPG

We hiked out through Gianelli Cabin Trailhead after stopping to admire Burst Rock, or, what I would have named “Rock Valley.” Then we comparatively quickly hiked the five miles on the road downhill to return to our car at the Crabtree Trailhead parking area. My calves are reminding me of that part of the trip, regardless, it was all well worth it.

IMG_3063.JPG IMG_3064.JPG


4 thoughts on “Week 282 August 24, 2019

  1. Thank you for sharing your backpack trip, I had been in that area many years ago. And my aunt and cousin used to live in Mi Wuk Village. I just gave away my beloved backpack after it sat for at least 12 years unused—I really miss being out in the back country, and you have brought it back for me! So many years of such wonderful trips and experiences! Glad you’re enjoying it all.
    Love Margaret


    1. How great to hear from you Margaret! Loren was just commenting on our backpack trip a couple of weeks ago in the Mokelumne Wilderness that he would hope to still hike that moderately strenuous trail when he is 80… I have my doubts about my ability to join him at that point, but it sure is nice to think about being out in the pristine wilderness until I can’t anymore! I’m sorry you gave away your backpack, but I understand after it has sat idle for some time. I’m so glad you enjoyed our backpack with us vicariously here!


  2. Hi Loren and Claire!

    Glad to give you the info on the satellite transceiver. It has helped me a lot.
    Come by and visit us in Coalinga someday!
    Hang and Jeff


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