Week 138 November 19, 2016

We spent more most memorable time with family and friends this week, enjoyed all the more for the mainly beautiful sunny fall days. I was enthralled with the festive fall colors all around us. I only wish I had taken more photos…
Let me start though with a lovely memory from last week of a great walk we had with my older niece after studying together for her New York Board Certification exam for Music Therapy. She subsequently passed it. Yay!
FullSizeRender.jpg IMG_9586.jpg
This week our memories span from continuing to be in New York, walking, talking and eating with friends in Albany, 
pastedGraphic_2.png IMG_9590.jpg IMG_9597.jpg IMG_9613.jpg
to celebrating their son’s recent wedding,
IMG_9589 IMG_9593.jpg
to sharing a delightful Mexican meal with family in Westchester County,
and, from taking Bikram yoga in New York, to seeing cousins in Massachusetts. This is my photo of a clip of one of them on local television for her work in the Presidential campaign in Massachusetts, and their kitty and the ocean view from their home.
pastedGraphic_4.png IMG_9639.jpg pastedGraphic_6.png
Then, from taking Bikram Yoga in Massachusetts, which included celebrating the studio owner’s newly published book for Bikram instructors, The Toolbox, and having her senior-most student who’s yoga story is mentioned in the book autograph it,
IMG_9652.jpg pastedGraphic_8.png
to visiting over dinner with friends along with the studio owners, to having breakfast with a teacher who came and taught at my teacher training, and, to seeing a little bit of early American history commemorated in honoring the Marquis de Lafayette.
IMG_9657.jpg IMG_9653.jpg

Last but not least to staying with friends in their beautiful new home and seeing their new surroundings in Massachusetts! 

pastedGraphic_11.png IMG_9728.jpg IMG_9809.jpg IMG_9712.jpg

It has felt like we have enjoyed several little pre-Thanksgiving celebrations with each visit. Loren and I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving this coming week!

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