Week 148 January 28, 2017

We have had a wonderful week in Castro Valley, with a little bit of time in the South Bay and also as far south as Santa Cruz. We visited with some of the special people in our lives who are close to home. Starting with more time with Loren’s Mom and sister, including a brunch and a lunch out with his Mom for pizza.
pastedGraphic 4.png
We caught up with our dear neighbor and met with our insurance agent, both of whom I neglected to capture by camera. I had the pleasure of enjoying dinner with a very dear friend, and Loren and I had a fun stay over at friends of his.
pastedGraphic_1 3.png IMG_1963.jpg
Again, I captured no photos of a meeting with our property manager, spontaneously running into a colleague who is also a neighbor and friend, and, a good visit with other neighbors. Loren also met with long time friends who gifted him with the postcards he had sent.
pastedGraphic_3 4.png

And, I walked and visited with dear college and friend, while Loren visited with another long time friend and his parents. I was sorry to not have my camera for so many of those meaningful times. I did remember to take photos of cousins who we visited at their home, and on a hike, 

IMG_1994.jpg IMG_1983.jpg IMG_1985.jpg
and of inspiring yard art, window art and back yard vistas, as part of a memorable lunch, dinner and overnight with them!
pastedGraphic_6 4 DSCN7766.JPG DSCN7746.JPG DSCN7753.JPG
We also checked another routine doctor’s appointment off our list, sorted through hardcopies of mail, and took several Bikram yoga classes. I am excited to have taught two classes myself this week, and have two more to teach this upcoming week. I look forward to seeing more dear friends along with spending more time with Loren’s Mom and sisters…

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