Week 149 February 4, 2017

It has been another good week in Castro Valley. From having a delightful time visiting with good friends who are neighbors and friends of Loren’s since they were in Kindergarten and First Grade respectively, to having a walk and lunch with my dear friend and colleague who drove to Castro Valley for our visit. But, where was my camera to capture these moments? I remember my mother’s disappointment with herself for forgetting to have a camera at special events, and now I so understand how she felt.
I did have my camera when Loren and I drove his Mom for coffee at the cafe/bait shop on Lake Chabot.
IMG_2002 IMG_2004.jpg IMG_2007.jpg
And, I had it when former long time neighbors stopped by for a short visit the day when Loren’s sister took his Mom to have their nails done. Would you ever know that her favorite basketball team is the Warriors from her polish colors? We can also say she is set to cheer her Patriots team in the SuperBowl…
pastedGraphic_3 3.png pastedGraphic_4 3.png pastedGraphic_5 3.png
We have watched news programs and Warriors games with Loren’s Mom and sister, at the end of days that begin with a Bikram yoga class for me – and if it is not good weather for a bike ride for Loren then he joins me, then, running errands and/or doing house or yard maintenance projects. It was a delight for me to teach two more Bikram classes in nearby San Ramon this week too.
We had more laughs with “senior moments this week too.” I do not mean just for Loren’s Mom, though I have to mention one conversation that she and I had. 
     She asked: “When you leave for Spain will you still update your, your – 
                           what do you call it – a glob? No, blob? No, what is it called?”
     Me: “The blog.”
     She: “Ha ha, that’s right!¨
     Me: “Ha ha! And, yes, I will still update it every week, in fact, I am still  
             updating it every week, even now.”
     Lil: “Oh, good.”
Fragrant trees and colorful stems are now flowering in northern California – yellow Acacia trees, daffodils, mustard, and, orange Nasturtium and the California state flower – poppies, for example…
We are also especially enjoying our AirBnB home nearby to Loren’s Mom’s house. When we stay at an AirBnb, we always have a private bedroom, and a bathroom that is sometimes private and sometimes shared. At this home in Castro Valley, we enjoy a lot of bantering and camaraderie with our host, her daughter, son, daughter’s boyfriend, friends of her son who stop by, and another single guest. We appreciate their two large friendly dogs and one tabby cat with white paws, watching cooking competitions on the food channel together, and, eating fresh laid eggs daily from the dozen or so hens who live in a hen pen out back. We feel very fortunate to have our home away from home with this delightful family for this special period of time.


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