Week 153 March 4, 2017

This week we had lots of sunshine, complemented by smile-inducing spring sights and sounds – like cherry trees blooming and black birds singing. It was easy to hear the loud happy chirps of this one before I finally spied it in among the shrubbery. Do you see it? Spring is my favorite time of year!
We enjoyed a fun looked-forward-to evening of a board game with our AirBnB hosts this week.
IMG_2163.jpg IMG_2162.jpg
The next day Loren and I were out and about in the warm and pleasant weather for a hike and breakfast with friends, where we shared travel tips and gleaned advice complete with a gift of used books to peruse for our upcoming travels. As we were leaving their home afterwards, I noticed an inspiring, meaningful license plate…
pastedGraphic_2.png IMG_2167.jpg
With Loren’s Mom and sister this week we enjoyed watching more Warrior’s basketball games, eating Sunday brunch out, and, were tuned in to see the Academy Awards major gaffe. The ketchup company had a competition to send in a selfie… we did not win it.
Loren’s Mom was interested to know our upcoming travel plans. As Loren spoke she took notes and later showed me, but I warned her that what she wrote may not be exactly what will transpire. But I took photos of her notes just in case!
IMG_2244.jpg IMG_2245.jpg IMG_2246.jpg
Loren and I also took his Mom back to Lake Chabot’s Marina for coffee, where we lingered for at least a couple of hours, soaking up first the coffee and newspaper or book indoors, then basking in the sunshine of a glorious day outdoors. Then we had a good lunch together in my favorite sandwich shop, ToGo’s.
IMG_2282.jpg IMG_2281.jpg pastedGraphic_6.png
We enjoyed meaningful, though too brief, visits with my dear friends, alas, my camera was accidentally completely out of sight. We gleaned more travel tips from Loren’s friend who hails from India, and we had a delightful night out for Italian fare, treated by Loren’s long time friends and their wives. On one more night out we picked up yet more good travel advice from our Godson, over a favorite fare of sushi. I managed to snap a photo of his cat being taunted by Loren, but where was my mind for taking his photo? It was great to see his new apartment at a house in the Oakland Hills. We also caught up with a few friends by phone – those who live too far to be able to see this time around.
IMG_2252.jpg IMG_2247.jpg IMG_2291.jpg
On my way walking back from a coffee shop to pick up our car from needed maintenance in the neighboring city of Hayward, I saw some inspiring art and a 9/11 Memorial that caught my attention.
IMG_2179.jpg IMG_2181.jpg
I also had a mind-and-soul-challenging life experience this week which gives me more empathy into what some people have to face. At my routine mammography a couple of weeks ago I was called back in, which I chalked up to the new equipment and the technician’s difficulty with it – what normally is a quick in and out had been atypically long that day. But no, she explained that the re-imaging was required for two questionable spots. This led to an ultrasound which then led to what came this week – a needle biopsy. I am now partly bionic with tiny markers implanted at those two spots. I am blessed – or perhaps cursed – with an incredibly high tolerance for pain, but I still had to give up my yoga for that day and the following 48 hours.
While I only told a few people, they each responded so thoughtfully. I received a sweet text from my sister-in-law, a loving card from my mother-in-law, caring emails before and after from my cousin, and, a thoughtful card with a beautiful welcome home surprise of wine and chocolate cake from our AirBnB hosts! I feel more than blessed after each and all of these. Fortunately, the results – which also took longer as pathology was “backed up,” turned out that the spots are benign. It was great to be back in the Bikram Yoga “hot room” this morning!
Before the week was out, Loren and I found a tribute to gift them for their home of their favorite subject of artwork. and a reminder of the delicious fresh eggs we have enjoyed here.
And, this week we also remembered a neighbor’s life with a beautiful Irish prayer. She, with her husband lived across the street from Loren’s Mom since she and his Dad had moved to the neighborhood in the 1950’s.


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