Week 231 September 1, 2018

It is always a marvel to me how all year some or another plant seems to be blooming in California, feeling like it could be eternal spring, though I am well aware that fall is upon us. This week I noticed a striking blossom in the driveway of our AirBnB while I was sorting through our belongings that have been stored in the van.


One thing I came across is my previous passport. I had ordered a new one early last year when we were in the United States because it would be expiring, so had left it home after the new one arrived. It was nice to flip through to see several meaningful stamps…

IMG_7599 IMG_7598 IMG_7600


I also put together a sack of little used items to take to charity this coming week. Loren noticed the letters on the side of the bag I was using and asked what they meant? I had to look the wording up online, and discovered that I have somehow held onto this plastic bag ever since we were in Croatia in 2016. I do try to reuse such items until they no longer can function… The words, mala bijela vrecica are translated from Croatian as: small white bag. When I added the actual Croatian character of the last word – mala bijela vrećica the translation returned a more specific meaning: a small white bag.


I took dinner to Loren’s Mom’s home this week, and thought to take a photo. Both his Mom and sister looked extra attractive in their tops, and Loren did a nice job of decorating the table in rearranging flowers for the occasion. After dinner he served his Mom her coffee where we watched the news then an A’s game – Loren has nearly switched his loyalty to this more consistent-winning team over the Giants, while I am still happier to root for the orange and black – and former New Yorker – team. 

IMG_7540.jpg IMG_7542.jpg

Loren has become more serious about writing his book. Last week we attended and this week we joined a local Writer’s group. This week too we met with a Bikram yoga student who advertised her completed memoir for sale at the studio, and in meeting with us she had some nice tips for him to help with the publishing. Plus it was just delightful to speak candidly with the author of a book we had both enjoyed reading.


The highlight this week is that today is Loren’s and my 27th wedding anniversary! On the spur of the moment last evening, after I learned that one of my drop-in Bikram Yoga students was in town for a “Dueling Pianos” evening, I took Loren to the nearby pub where he was playing. We had never heard two pianists perform pop songs in duet before. When we arrived at the venue, there were few seats to be had. A friendly young group who’s table had extra seats invited us to join them. It was fun to converse – ok shout, with them, while enjoying the entertainment. 

IMG_7547.jpg IMG_7550.jpg

Can you tell which performer is the yogi? I have to say though, while he hit all his notes, his postures look better in the hot yoga room!


My newest yogi friend took my request to play our wedding song to commemorate the upcoming day today. He called us up to the dance floor before he started What A Wonderful World, and even sounded much like Louis Armstrong himself in its rendition. 

IMG_7325.jpg IMG_7332.jpg IMG_7334.jpg

The evening included sharing photos back and forth with our table mates, and enjoying the broad range of contemporary music. But, my ears are still complaining from the revelry around us. I thought it was much more fun to sit at the table front and close to the action, than it would have been to sit at the bar where it was projected by camera…

IMG_7553 IMG_7578.jpg IMG_7596.jpg

Looking forward to sushi dinner out tonight…

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