Week 232 September 8, 2018

We hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend, a good time to get together with friends and family. For us, this was another good week of meeting up with special people.

I enjoyed a lunch date and a good walk afterwards with a dear friend on one of the days that Loren was with his Mom. Sadly I did not think to take a photo to share. I am looking forward to also visiting with Loren with her and her husband in their new home soon.

The next day Loren and I drove to the south bay at 5am to avoid the traffic. We hung out in a coffee shop to pass the time, where one of Loren’s good friends met up with us for a visit. Alas, again I forgot to snap a photo. Then Loren and I met with our property manager, who is transitioning his business to a new property manager. It was a good meeting and we are grateful that the business relationship between the two men will continue in a modified form for the foreseeable future. 

A highlight this week included Loren’s birthday. On the exact day we celebrated twice with friends. First over lunch at Google where one of friends from our home UU congregation works. 

IMG_7606.jpg IMG_7617.jpg IMG_7609.jpg IMG_7613.jpg

And after lunch we enjoyed a walking tour of the Googleplex campus, where Loren especially enjoyed the Games room.

IMG_7154.jpg IMG_7158.jpg IMG_7616.jpg

In the evening we enjoyed a dinner date and celebrated Loren’s birthday with more friends. We enjoyed talking about travels with their daughter and her boyfriend who are also enjoying some traveling right now. 


On another morning we had our last scheduled appointments with the acupuncturist in Palo Alto this week. When we have gone across the bay for these appointments, we have left home by 5am to avoid the heavy traffic. Near his office is a coffee shop that opens at 5:30am. I developed a habit to pick up the newspaper and have enjoyed usually solving the embedded word and numbers puzzles.

 IMG_7673 2.jpg

Afterwards we enjoyed another lunch datewith more friends from UUFS, and this time I remembered to take a photo!


We finished this week with a memorable evening of visiting with Loren’s godson. We walked the partly steep trail down to a sushi restaurant in his nearby downtown neighborhood and after returning uphill from dinner, he and Loren enjoyed a soak in his hot tub. I begged off as it seemed to be extra hot water, so I enjoyed playing with our godson’s fun cat. 

IMG_7681 2.jpg

Tonight we will be celebrating Loren’s and his sister’s birthdays with their Mom…


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