Week 238 October 20, 2018

I am a day late with this post once again, as it was a full week. The day before we went to Monterey for a special wedding at the beginning of this week, we had gotten our annual flu shots. I was surprised though when I came down with the flu symptoms of achiness and malaise! They lasted about 24 hours, including all the way on the drive. Thankfully Loren drove while I slept, then slept again on arriving at our motel. On awakening to attend the wedding I felt much better. And the wedding was awesome! Enchanting, lovely, memorable. We stayed overnight and enjoyed a delicious brunch with many of the family and friends the next morning. 

IMG_0011.JPG IMG_0025.JPGIMG_0081.JPG

Another activity this week was spending the afternoon in San Jose. When we discovered the cost to have our front yard mulched, we opted to spread it ourselves. We are proud of our efforts in doing that and some trimming, believing we did a better and more loving job than the paid workers would have…

IMG_8514.jpg IMG_8533.jpg

Not only that, we were able to catch up with a few of our delightful neighbors, reminisce over the old meaningful log we lugged with us to this home, marvel at the flourish of a previously planted bush in our yard, enjoy another neighbor’s festive lawn decorations, and, become acquainted with a neighbor’s new cat who has a penchant for climbing a tree beside our front porch.

IMG_8519.jpg IMG_8516.jpg IMG_8517.jpg IMG_8523.jpg IMG_8531.jpg

To treat ourselves, and as well as to avoid the commuter traffic on the way home, we stopped for our favorite burgers at MoJo’s, then went to see A Star is Born. Both of us can highly recommend it. Loren’s comment after the movie was that there was not a dull moment. A young man in the lingering audience heard him and seconded his opinion. 

IMG_8538.jpg p14603082_p_v8_ac.jpg

Then we had a few fun days spent with a dear colleague and her husband who have relocated near Sacramento. It was nice to catch up with one of their daughters and her family who have moved nearby too. We all enjoyed their dog and cat. We also spent a beautiful fall day together visiting Apple Hill, an association of farms featuring – of course – apples, as well as pumpkins, wines, other fruits, related fruit products, crafts, and lots of food items to choose from to enjoy for lunch. You could spend hours, maybe days poking around here.

IMG_8545.jpg IMG_8565.jpg IMG_8575 IMG_8579.jpg
On leaving Sacramento, we returned to the south bay to attend a memorial service for a special member of our UU congregation. Our minister invited me with a couple of other congregants to offer a prepared remembrance, which was meaningful to do. That evening we enjoyed dinner with a couple from our congregation, one of whom has become quite the accomplished artist in her retirement. I always appreciate seeing her work, and this particular image of hers with quote of Epicurus struck me:

     “Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.”

IMG_8592 2.jpg

Towards the end of the evening their more grownup daughter returned from a track event for more of a catchup. 

Then my brother and his wife sent photos of their visit to their younger daughter’s college football game that they attended. Otherwise, the local Bikram Yoga studio now has me on a weekly schedule of teaching the 6am and 7:45am classes once a week, which I am totally enjoying. On the same day each week, I have a routine of attending a Shakespearean Cultural class at a local community center, and, making dinner for Loren, his Mom, one sister and myself to share.

IMG_8595.jpg IMG_8594.jpg IMG_8593.jpg

Loren and I hope you too are enjoying your days this fall!

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