Week 239 October 27, 2018

This week Loren and I enjoyed several fun visits with family and friends. At the beginning of the week we shared our weekly dinner with Loren’s Mom and sister. We had another dinner with Loren’s Mom while his sister had dinner out with her friends. And, we enjoyed scrumptious homemade lemon bars with a dear friend over an evening spent together. While not a visit, attending to voting by mail took up a good part of one afternoon…

IMG_8602.jpg IMG_8601.jpg

Then Loren and I were off for another stay at Clear Lake. On our way, we stopped to see the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa.


We spent a good 4 hours there, reminiscing over and discovering more of the Peanuts’ style that was currently on display. Schulz was so good at capturing the range of human emotion – sad-mad-bad-glad, in elegant, simple lines.

IMG_8669.jpg IMG_8661.jpg IMG_8662.jpg IMG_8663.jpg

The cartoons are beloved because, as one museum written comment offered, it is the combination of “humor and melancholy” portrayed in such a way that our human condition is shown with timeless celebration and satire…

IMG_8670.jpg IMG_8671.jpg IMG_8672.jpg IMG_8673.jpg

In addition, to paraphrase Schulz himself from one of the films we saw in the museum’s theatre of a Charlie Rose interview of him,  the cartoons are pleasing to the eye and offer good clean fun.

IMG_8680.jpg IMG_8691.jpg IMG_8702.jpg

Many of his creations even include references to the larger world of music…

IMG_8642 2.jpg IMG_8610

We then stayed at my friend – the Bikram Yoga studio owner’s – home at Clear Lake. We enjoyed taking a yoga class, and, later catching up with some other good friends who live nearby. A special treat was seeing a yogi friend perform in a memorable rendition of the musical, Oklahoma! We ended our visit to Clear Lake with my teaching a yoga class. 

IMG_8705.jpg IMG_8710.jpg

We finished out our week with more lovely visits, first at my cousin’s in Santa Rosa on our way home, then, we had an evening catching up with more dear friends. 

IMG_8713.jpg IMG_8715.jpg

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