Week 262 April 6, 2019 – Year 6

This week Loren and I observed the anniversary of leaving home on April 5, 2014. We look forward to more adventure on this Journey of ours, as its sixth year begins today!

More signs of Spring greeted us this week, making a memorable tribute to the many storms we’ve had. The weather report appears to show the rains may finally have ended, but our week has felt more Winter-like, except for the flowers. Wisteria – both purple and white blooming around in the nearby neighborhoods has been outstanding to see this week, as are pink, red, yellow, orange – let me just say blossoms of all colors and shapes abound. 


We had some nice connections with family and some of our friends this week. Loren and I had dinner with his one sister one evening and he had coffee with his other sister. A friend who had compiled a few of our travel videos from Ireland and the UK and had put them to music some time ago has posted the collage to YouTube this week. You can see it here:


I also had a wonderful lunch date with a colleague friend, and, one afternoon Loren and I supported a yoga friend who presented her memoir at a local bookstore. Loren and I also enjoyed a lunch date together with another couple.

That evening we shared our joy of watching the Warriors with this couple in their TV room that features four comfy recliners. The station we watched entertained us during Half Time with great evening views of the San Francisco Bay area.

IMG_0360.jpeg IMG_0365.jpeg IMG_0366.jpeg

As Loren has always been, I too have become quite enamored of this basketball team. Maybe you are too, but I want to highlight them here this week. There are just three games left for our team in the regular season, and they have already secured a post-season position. Steph Curry that evening had an incredible lead in points made – the only one with double digits at the half.

IMG_0367.jpeg IMG_0338.jpeg

Steph, the Team Captain, and his teammate Klay Thompson have earned the nickname, “The Splash Brothers” for their ability to frequently make their three point shot attempts. 

IMG_0368.jpeg IMG_0342.jpeg

Earlier in the week we watched the team defeat the second place team in the Western Conference, boosting their lead in first place.


This year is additionally poignant, because it is the last year the team will play in the arena in Oakland, before moving to a newer stadium in San Francisco next year. They will play their last home game of the regular season there this coming week.

IMG_0316 IMG_0358.jpeg

We wish the Golden State Warriors all the best in their hope to finish this year with a 3peat – a third-in-a-row Championship win, though they are already considered by many to be a Dynasty for their prior win in the 2014-2015 season. 

IMG_0320.jpeg IMG_0317.jpeg



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