Week 261 March 30, 2019

This week I have been well aware of the many signs of Spring I just realized the first day of Spring passed by without notice here a couple of weeks ago. Maybe because it was in between the ongoing rains that brought the bounty of flowers that we saw at homes of family, friends and neighbors these past several days.

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March will soon come to an end and Loren and I continue to reflect on his Mom’s death. She had the heart attack in early February. Her prognosis was as I heard it “… because of her age she will get better, but slowly, maybe.” She came home from the hospital after a two nights stay. Then she was admitted to Hospice in mid February, and that is when we began to say our goodbyes. “Mom’s final journey here,” was how Loren put it.

One day I had the opportunity to talk with her between her dozing in bed. Each time I came into the room that day she would greet me with a cheerful, ”Good Morning!” not realizing that it was still the same day and evening. At one point I asked what she thought happens when we leave this life. She said she had no idea and we chuckled about how nobody knows. Still, I asked my question again, a few different ways before being able to convey what I was asking. As from the mouths of babes, so too from the mouth of a sage. I understood her to say:

I think of a nice little cottage, with greenery all around, shrubs and bushes, just like God would want it.

I told her I would think of her being there. Then she added, “And we would share in the grocery shopping. The owner of the store would be nice. It would be an old fashioned style grocery store.” She had always been so appreciative these last many months for the weekly family dinners I would prepare, often wanting to provide the meal herself – just like the Italian Mom that was such a part of her identity. Loren’s sister mentioned how going grocery shopping had been something she had wanted to do in those last few weeks. 

But, here is what brought tears to my eyes as I left her room. In the vein of Loren’s belief that the two most important things in life to someone who is of Italian heritage are food and family, she said, “Take good care of Loren.” I promised her I would.

Otherwise this week we had a lovely evening out to dinner with a friend of mine. Her partner had put his back out that day so we look forward to another opportunity to see him too. Another nice evening was had with taking dinner to Loren’s sister. Yet another evening we had a lovely visit with San Jose neighbors. And, while Loren had lunch with a friend of his on another day, I treated myself to a local Mexican restaurant chain. Before my meal I just sat and appreciated it. Then I dove in. Another day Loren enjoyed brunch out with some long time friends. 

IMG_0296.jpeg IMG_0306.jpg

I had hoped to see the Nancy Drew 2019 film in the theater this week… reading the series of Nancy Drew books was a highlight of my childhood. I only got so far as finding showtimes – none of which worked for us, so I anticipated that more would be available next week. I am disappointed in that the film is already finished showing in our area.

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 5.28.36 PM.jpeg Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 5.20.25 PM.jpeg Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 5.20.38 PM.jpeg

We finished this week visiting with dear friends in their new home right on the San Francisco Bay. 

IMG_0308.jpeg IMG_0309.jpeg IMG_0312.jpeg

We reminisced over dinner about so many topics, another memorable evening in our bucket of collecting experiences, the main goal of our Journey toward Wholeness.

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2 thoughts on “Week 261 March 30, 2019

  1. Loren and Addie, I’m so incredibly sorry to read about the loss of Loren’s mother. Condolences to both of you and to your sister too. I pray that you are able to open the gift of memories often; that you find peace and comfort in those cherished memories.
    Much love, bonnie


    1. Thank you Bon, we always so appreciate hearing from you. It’s been a tough – though most meaningful time. We are so glad that we were here by her side for her last nine months of life! Sending you our Love too…


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