Week 266 May 4, 2019

Loren and I have had some nice visits this week, starting with taking lunch to Loren’s sister one day. So much more of her garden is blooming that it was fun to photograph.

IMG_0680.jpeg IMG_0683.jpeg IMG_0684.jpeg  IMG_0688.jpeg  IMG_0687.jpeg IMG_0689.jpeg

Another visit we had was with one of our AirBnB guest’s at his art show with other local youth. We were happy for him that all his pieces sold during the first day of the display!


I am still enjoying teaching Bikram Yoga classes this month, and this week I had an opportunity to teach at another local studio. Afterwards I visited with a yoga teacher friend who lives near it, and caught up on seeing her recent wedding photos.


Then we had an especially meaningful morning with Loren’s sister. We went with her and a friend of hers on a fundraiser walk called Hike for Hope. It was significant in that it benefitted Hope Hospice – the organization that helped with the last month of Loren’s mother’s care. It was a gorgeous day at Del Valle Regional Park, and we did the longer 4 mile hike along the lake and slightly up into the hills, seeing some wildflowers. We stayed  afterwards for the barbecue as well.

IMG_0732.jpeg IMG_0733.jpeg IMG_0742

We’ve also enjoyed seeing our Golden State Warriors win the first two of three games this week in the second round of playoff games, and wish them better luck in the fourth and fifth of the series this coming week. 

Loren and I ended our week by taking BART – Bay Area Rapid Transit, to San Francisco to celebrate a special friend’s birthday. On the way to meet up I was thrilled to walk along Columbus Avenue, which is the Italian neighborhood there that I have longed to see.

IMG_0745.jpeg IMG_0749

Our friend and her husband were visiting from Ashland. It was fun to hang out with other family and friends of theirs at Fisherman’s Wharf, then have dinner together.

IMG_0755.jpeg IMG_0797.jpeg IMG_0813.jpeg IMG_0817.jpeg IMG_0822.jpeg

We four enjoyed staying overnight, and, having a farewell brunch in the morning too.


On Loren’s and my walk back to the BART station we saw another example of San Francisco’s uniquely architected landmarks. We feel very blessed to have had these many great visits this week.



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