Week 267 May 11, 2019

This week flew past, maybe because I posted a little late last week? Anyway a good part of it was spent in the local Bikram Yoga studio, where I am still teaching more classes than I had been to help with them being a little understaffed. In addition, it seemed the studio spontaneously offered a 30 Day Challenge for the month of May, which I accepted along with about 30 other students. I had to miss taking a class one day last week, so this week I had to take 2 classes on the same day to make it up. I am excited about this Challenge. It has been a long time since I have taken one. It’s a nice way to trim down a little for the summer and a nice way for the studio to build more community with its students. At the end of this week the Challenge is already one-third complete…

IMG_0869.jpeg IMG_0868.jpeg

Loren and I had a brief visit in San Jose with our property manager and her handyman early in the week, to receive a bid for a fixit project. While we were there we found some fragrant sweet pea blooming in our yard…


Another highlight this week was having a dinner out at a sports bar with one of our AirBnB friends, to see the Golden State Warriors in Round 2 Game 4 of the Playoffs. Sadly, they lost, but we thoroughly enjoyed the evening out together.


Maybe Loren’s and my grandest highlight this week was seeing Hamilton in San Francisco. I have wanted to see it since a traveler friend who we met in Africa, who lives in Australia, flew to London to see it a few years ago. I think she also wanted to see friends who she had made when she worked there too, but I remember being impressed that that was her reason to travel. It was well worth the hefty price tag for Loren and I to see it here. Even though all the action took place on the same creative set, Loren still found it riveting with no lapse during the entire performance.

IMG_0859.jpeg  IMG_0863.jpeg

Unfortunately our Warriors’ Game 5 was that same evening, so after the performance we found a bar with a TV and caught the last part of the action. Our Warriors lost a valuable player to injury during that game, but the team went on to make the win.

We enjoyed having a pizza dinner with friends who live within walking distance of our AirBnB, and although they had not been as interested in watching the Warrior’s Game 6, we did turn on their TV in time to see the amazing 4th quarter win that clinched this round. It was especially amazing in that one of the stars on the team was scoreless in the entire first half, then came back with a record breaking scoring streak in the 2nd half.

Loren and I finished up our week having a lunch date with a dear colleague of mine, who we both thoroughly enjoy visiting with although the visits are too far in between.




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