Week 271 June 8, 2019

As Loren and I make our last preparations to leave California after a year in the AirBnB near Loren’s Mom and sister’s house — now Loren’s sister’s house, we made a priority to have some special connections with important people in our lives. First I want to record how our bedroom has been brightened all week by a bouquet we took home from Loren’s Mom’s Celebration of Life last Saturday.


We began our week over a patio brunch with dear neighbors from San Jose, who drove up our way with their treasured family member – their dog, Arctic. I regret not taking photos, however our meaningful and deep conversations, and a pleasant connection with our waitress who is originally from Turkey, made for good memories. 

One evening we enjoyed a nice evening with Loren’s sister over a barbecue, and relaxed together afterwards over desert on her back deck. She offered that I could pick more of her scrumptious lemons. Like other brimming bags-full this spring that I have taken to the yogis, these lemons were gleefully snatched up after the next classes that I taught. 

Another evening was spent over dinner with Loren’s Godson at what has become a favorite sushi restaurant. Afterwards we went together for ice cream at the parlor Loren frequented on occasion since childhood. Later in the week we enjoyed a pizza dinner with his godson’s parents. We are impressed with the rig his father is outfitting for off-roading and overnighting in the desert – similar to our van in that its size can neatly fit into any parking spot. We look forward to testing out the 5 seater cab when he graciously drives us to the airport for our flight.

IMG_1072.jpeg IMG_1079.jpeg

One day this week Loren and I drove to San Jose where Loren had a meeting with some of the men who were advisors to him in his business. During that time I had a wonderful, though too short catchup lunch with a beloved girlfriend. Again I didn’t capture the time with my camera, though smiles and tears will linger on in my heart.

A different sort of event this week was when one of our AirBnB friends turned 14 years of age. This afternoon we look forward to a belated birthday meal together to celebrate with him and his Mom. She has gaily decorated the door to their spacious bedroom for the occasion, which we also derived pleasure upon seeing…

IMG_1073.jpeg IMG_1032.jpeg IMG_1084 2.jpeg

Loren and I also thoroughly enjoyed viewing a Warrior’s basketball game in Toronto at a Watch Party over a light meal at a theater in Oakland. We attended with these same friends. Together we rode BART there and back. You may not be able to tell from my photos that we were treated to seeing our team win up close on a movie-theater-size screen. Sadly our guys lost Games 1, 3 and 4 so far in this Finals series, from some of our key players having to miss playing for a variety of injuries. We are still hopeful that they can make a miraculous comeback to win the best of 7 when the competition continues again in Toronto next week… they must win each of the next 3 games. Fingers crossed!

IMG_1058.jpg IMG_1044.jpeg IMG_1052.jpeg IMG_1055

Loren has reconnected with his bicycle while we have been here and is off for one more good ride before our departure. For me, I am grateful for the many months I have taught classes for the local Bikram Yoga studio. It has been the longest stretch of time that I have been consistently on a studio’s schedule since my training in 2014, and my teaching skills now reflect the benefits of this time and focus. I was moved when one of my newer students, who knows I will be traveling, expressed her appreciation to me with a bouquet of flowers and a card that says how much my classes have meant to her. Personally, I took the studio’s 30 day challenge that was offered in May, and kept up my daily practice for another 7 days beyond its end. Since then with teaching and packing I had to miss a day though intend to take classes as regularly as I can going forward.

IMG_1081.jpeg IMG_1086.jpeg

Next week’s post on our blog will be from New York, where Loren and I will have begun a month-long visit with more dear family and friends who live on the East Coast. Farewell for now California!


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