Week 274 June 29, 2019

It was more than a full week, spent in memorable times with my cousins, and with me taking a robust Bikram Yoga seminar. Hence this post is more than a little late…

Loren and I began our week still in New Hampshire, where the state license plates proclaim: Live Free Or Die. We had another good visit with my cousin and her husband, this time including their children and grandchildren, and her mother. I found a photo of my great-grandfather holding my mother’s cousin – my cousin’s father, on display in her mother’s room. We also helped setup for the big family party to celebrate my cousin’s husband’s 65th birthday.


Later that afternoon Loren and I took a drive around Lake Sunapee, where I had hoped to be able to spot the cabin I had visited a few times with a dear friend some years ago. Alas, without the address and directions, it turned out to be simply a nice drive around a large New Hampshire lake.


That evening our AirBnB hosts offered us a ride around the smaller Lake Horace in their motor boat, something they often do with their dog. It was a nice way to finish our day.

IMG_1397.jpeg IMG_1398.jpeg

The next day was the big party. It was awesome to have more chances to visit with each of them, their children and spouses, see the grandchildren play, and spend time with their extended family members, neighbors and friends.

IMG_1401.jpeg IMG_1409.jpeg

We enjoyed lots of good food and games, and the next day we returned for a delicious brunch, thoroughly enjoying more time to visit together.

IMG_1413.jpeg IMG_1418.jpeg IMG_1434.jpeg

Then Loren and I were off to Massachusetts, where the state license plates proclaim: The Spirit of America. Loren had a mostly relaxing week at another AirBnB, while I attended the seminar each day, well into each evening. I have now taught over 250 Bikram Yoga classes – of those I taught well over 100 just in the past year, so it was time to take my experience and skills to the next level. It was also great to see three of my teacher training Littermates from our 9 weeks spent together in 2014.

IMG_1459.jpeg IMG_1483.jpeg

Another teacher brought her family along for the week. It was fun to see her studio’s advertisement for Bikram Yoga on her son’s t-shirt. On one of the days, Loren had the opportunity to participate in a private lesson demonstration for us, and he actually took several classes with us this week.  

IMG_1469.jpeg IMG_1487.jpeg

Our week ended with a fun visit to nearby Hampton beach,


followed by a delicious “lobstah” dinner, ice cream desert, and, my first viewing of the The Princess Bride from 1987 with Peter Falk, Billy Crystal, Andre the Giant, and others.

IMG_1521.jpeg IMG_1523.jpeg IMG_1526.jpeg IMG_1528.jpeg IMG_1533.jpeg IMG_1536.jpeg

Not only did we have a fulfilling week, I expanded my knowledge for future classes and Loren and I met and got to know more wonderful world-wide Bikram Yoga teachers. 

2 thoughts on “Week 274 June 29, 2019

  1. Claire and Loren, so glad to have been able to catch up on all of the adventures!!!!! People, places, flowers and fauna and food . . . The journey continues and I pray for journeying mercies every step of the way!!!! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️💜


    1. Thank you so much Bonnie! Loren and I so enjoy having you check in with us here, and so appreciate your well wishes for us. Love you!


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