Week 268 May 18, 2019

This week included Mother’s Day, and Loren and I wish a Happy belated to all our family and friends, especially those who are mothers.

It was touching for us, as this was our first Mother’s Day since Loren’s Mom died in March. Loren’s sister invited us to join her for breakfast at their Mom’s favorite breakfast restaurant, which was meaningful and nice. At the end of our meal, the wait staff brought 2 roses for Loren’s sister – one for her and one for her and Loren’s Mom. They gave me one too, which I later bestowed on a neighbor of Loren’s sister when she brought a vase of her home grown flowers to Loren’s sister’s home.

IMG_0876 2.jpeg

That afternoon Loren and I visited with the mother of friends of ours. Unfortunately she had had a fall just a week after her 98th birthday, breaking ribs and a shoulder. She is in some discomfort, and is recuperating in a local nursing home. It was great to also visit with her daughter, who was in town for Mother’s Day from New York. Then Loren and I came home to see a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the kitchen that belongs to one of our AirBnB friends.

image1.jpeg IMG_0880.jpeg

Loren and I also enjoyed seeing special friends this week, on a date for Indian food with a former colleague of mine and her partner. We had another date, for coffee in Livermore with a yoga teacher friend of ours, where I taught a Bikram class that evening. I also thoroughly enjoyed catching up with two dear colleague friends, each over a lunch date this week. One of them was in the South Bay, and as I drove to meet her I was surprised to see another new street named for another high tech company. It has been that long since I have lived in the milieu of Silicon Valley on a day to day basis, that I was a little tickled at seeing such a tribute.


Another stunning experience for me this week was noticing a ring on a stranger’s finger in a coffee shop. She was gracious about my interest, as it reminded me in many ways of a ring of my father’s mother. This woman’s has a little different layout, but the basic design in the same, and she explained that he husband had found it at an estate sale. Not only did she indulged me in taking a photo of it, she offered to take it off her finger to have a better angle.


Otherwise the highlights of our week were spent in taking yoga classes – I am more than half way though my 30 day challenge, and still enjoy teaching a few classes a week locally. And, we cheered on our Golden State Warriors who are competing against the Portland Trailblazers. We were delighted to see them win three in a row of this round of best of 7 playoff games. This is the Semifinals or the Western Conference Finals. Whoever wins will compete in the National Finals. They will play against either the Milwaukee Bucks – who have 2 wins, or the Toronto Raptors. We wish our team all the best in making a sweep of straight 4 wins on Monday evening… GO WARRI🏀RS!



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