Week 269 May 25, 2019

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I am especially remembering my father today, who was a WWII veteran. He left Syracuse University to volunteer for the US Army with the intent to preserve freedom, like so many young men of his generation did. He was a lucky one, able to return to finish his studies and have a good, long life. My brother and I had the fortune to escort him to his college reunion twelve years ago, then the next year to commemorate my niece’s Sweet Sixteenth birthday celebration. He died at age 91, just five years ago this month.

Syracuse '47 Reunion Lunch.jpeg Syracuse BBQ.jpg DSCF0340.jpg

Like my father, when I become interested in a sports team, I am all in. In addition to the Syracuse Orange athletic teams, his was the New York Yankees baseball team. Right now, mine is the Golden State Warriors basketball team. Loren and I are so proud of them for their sweep of the Western Conference Finals. They “Won the West” against the Portland Trailblazers in just four games. 


Now we will face the Toronto Raptors later this week, starting in Toronto. They similarly took the Eastern Conference Finals, but it took them six games to win the series. During one of their games played in Toronto, a newscaster borrowed a Raptors fan’s placard to show the camera. It said “The Bucks Stop Here!” a witty play on President Truman’s famous statement, “The buck stops here.” I wonder what slogan their fans might come up with for our upcoming series? Regardless, while they were right about the Bucks, I have faith that our two-consecutive-years championship team will clinch the three-peat…

IMG_0947.png IMG_0952.jpeg

Other news this week is, my 30 day challenge of taking a Bikram yoga class every day for 30 days is nearly over. Since I am not on the schedule to teach through the end of the month I will not have to spend the more than four hours in the hot room – like I did on the days when I also taught two classes, to complete my own yoga class for the day. What I noticed this week on my drive to and from the yoga studio are the bountiful roses in full bloom along the freeway overpass. 

IMG_0967.jpeg IMG_0958 2.jpeg

Loren and I finished out this week having dinner with friends at a restaurant that Loren and I used to frequent a lot before we began our travels. Before dinner Loren and I took a walk around the downtown of our neighborhood, something we always enjoyed doing when we lived there. It was interesting to note what is new mixed in with what we remember. Later, in the restaurant, it took me aback to notice a familiar chair with the same upholstery as I remembered from that long ago. 

IMG_0966.jpeg IMG_0964.jpeg

Loren and I so appreciate our family and friends for keeping up with us here on our blog all this time. It is nearly a year that we have been staying at the AirBnB near what is now Loren’s sister’s house. Next week we will have a small gathering to celebrate their Mom’s life. The following week, Loren and I will begin to resume our travels. We will start off with a visit to New York again, and are excited to share here all that will come next. 

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