Week 279 August 3, 2019

Loren and I were finishing our visit at Clear Lake at the beginning of this week. The campground resort owner sent us his photos of our kayak ride from last week, and, Loren took a single kayak for a ride while I did laundry on our last day there.

Loren & Claire #6 IMG_0963.JPG

We had a lovely dinner with special friends at the Blue Wing Saloon and Cafe in Upper Lake too. The restaurant is connected with historic Tallman Hotel, famous for its role as a stage coach stop in the distant past.

IMG_2426.JPG IMG_2439.jpeg

We then thought ourselves lucky to be leaving Clear Lake as the prediction was for weather in the triple digits. It turned out their weather did not reach that high and instead we spent the next several days cold at a coastal KOA campground in Manchester.


Regardless of the weather we made the best of it. We visited the Point Arena lighthouse, which was barely visible from the fog, 


then went for a hike on the Stornetta public lands. 

IMG_2488.JPG IMG_2493.JPG

We felt fortunate that the sun came out before we hiked down to Bowling Ball Beach later that afternoon. A friend had suggested we visit here and to be sure to go at low tide as the unusual formations are only visible at when the tide is out. The sight reminded us of the Moeraki Boulders we visited when we were traveling through New Zealand.

IMG_2495.JPG IMG_2512.JPG IMG_2528.JPG IMG_2548.JPG

This friend had also suggested we travel further South on US1 to Gualala, to stop in at Alinder Gallery of photographs which includes some of Ansel Adams’ work. It was fun to see Alinder’s photographs too. Loren then indulged me in a drive even further south, all the way to see Wright’s Beach. It was too exposed to enjoy our picnic dinner, but Loren soon noticed a wonderful shade tree with a great view not too far back up the coast. 

IMG_2556.JPG IMG_2558.JPG IMG_2561.JPG

We visited Point Arena lighthouse for a second time to see it when the sun was shining, then finished that day with a hike to the beach, finding a different view of the lighthouse.

IMG_2581.JPG IMG_2579.JPG

The next day was our last full day on the coast. Loren offered it to be my choice of what to do. We first partook of the Rock Painting event at the KOA — mine is reflective of seeing bass and several fishermen on Clear Lake last week, and Loren’s rock choice compelled him to fill in the lips and face he visualized that were prominent on his rock.

IMG_2605.JPG IMG_2606.JPG

Then we drove north on coastal US1, up to Fort Bragg. We had a delightful dinner at Cucina Verona. We were seated at a table for two in front of the accordion player for a most memorable evening. I just had to snap a photo of one of the storefronts in town as we returned to our car.


The next day we drove to Castro Valley. We ran some errands, then enjoyed a themed social dinner with Loren’s sister, prepared by the United Methodist Women with about 80 other members and friends attending their summer BBQ. Afterwards we pitched in to help her with some fertilization and trimming in her back yard. Now Loren and I are in Fremont, preparing to spend the next few weeks in the California Sierra mountains… internet availability will be a challenge, so please visit again – I will post here when I can. 

Week 278 July 27, 2019

Last week, two dear friends were visiting Loren and me at our AirBnB on Clear Lake. After a day’s drive along the east side of the lake together, we finished the day having ice cream at a park with Mount Konocti in view, then taking a walk around town.


This week started with the four of us taking another drive around the rest of the lake, along the west side. We began the day with a walk at Anderson Marsh,

IMG_2258.jpeg IMG_0939.jpg

then drove by the Dome home that Loren and his Dad had built 40 years ago, past the stalled refurbishing of Konocti Resort, and through Buckingham Park. We also stopped to see Bell Haven, a resort property that some years ago was in run down condition that Loren and I had seriously considered buying and refurbishing. Now, from over the gated fence we jealously admired the renovations that have been made. However we believe the costs incurred far exceed the vision that our own efforts likely would have produced. 


Then we dropped in to see the salesman for Loren’s Dome kit, who still lives with his wife in their own dome home. We had a nice catchup visit, and learned he has recently established a new business downtown for slot car racing. While it loses money, it offers  a place for kids of all ages to have fun. By the way, Clear Lake is the largest natural lake that is wholly in the state of California. It was fun over two days of meandering around to see some of the places that have been special in our friends’ lives over the years, showing them places here that are special to us, and making some new great memories.

IMG_2275.jpeg IMG_2287.jpeg

Our last full day at the lakeside AirBnB was gorgeous – no clouds in the sky, and featured us hosting a BBQ. We were delighted that a cousin of mine who lives a couple hours away, and a long time friend of Loren’s who lives locally, were able to join us too.  

IMG_2300.jpeg IMG_2309.JPG

Before Loren and I left the AirBnB, I caught a photo of one of the hosts’ many curio cabinets full of old phones. This one holds similar models nostalgic from my parents and grandparents homes during my childhood, especially the pink princess phone, and, the red and the black rotary models.


Then Loren and I were off for a lunch date with our friend who lives locally. His home was burned in one of the fires here a couple of years ago. He is just now having a garage built on his property, and, had tree trimmers come to shape up some badly burned trees.

Trees not trimmed..JPG Trees trimmed..JPG

Loren and I then relocated to van camp at a marina further north on the lake. On our first morning we went for a four hour kayak ride across part of Clear Lake and all the way to the end of Rodman Slough and back. Last week I was sure I had seen a pair of water birds walk upright on the lake, but the event ended so quickly I couldn’t point it out to anyone. I was excited then on Loren’s and my kayak ride to see several pair of what we now know are grebes, doing their mating dances which is culminated by walking on water. It was so astounding to me that I must share a video: 

We must have seen at least a hundred grebes, dozens of great egrets and night herons, many great blue herons, lots of Canadian geese, a few North American geese, some ducks and cormorants, several raptors including osprey, a flock of pelicans, one bald eagle, and one black-plumed gray bird of some unknown-to-us sort, unless because it flitted out of sight perhaps it was another heron. There are a few noteworthy geese though that seem to be confused as to their “feather” –  one American goose consistently seems to believe that s/he is a Canadian goose, and,

IMG_2355.JPG IMG_2324.jpg

a trio of two American geese and a mallard who remain inseparable in the marina. Or, just maybe they all are teaching us that different cultures can live together in peace!

IMG_2423.JPG IMG_2443.JPG

Loren and I have been additionally naturally entertained by a variety of fishing boats – a feature of Clear Lake is that it is a bass fisherman’s haven.


Another couple of highlights this week include going to the local cinema to see the new Lion King, which had me crying even more than the first version, and, driving to nearby Blue Lakes, where we had a refreshing dip followed by a picnic lunch in the shade.

IMG_2359.JPG IMG_2362.JPG IMG_2364.JPG


Week 277 July 20, 2019

At the start of this week Loren and I were still in Nebraska with Loren’s cousins. We enjoyed four educational days at the county fair with them this visit. We have always seen their many prized trophies earned over the years from 4H (Head, Heart, Hands and Health), and more recently FFA (Future Farmers of America), and this time we had the opportunity to experience firsthand what the trophy earning process is all about. We found it impressive! Loren’s cousin’s grandson earned not only first prize for showing one of his aunt’s goats, he also earned a coveted first place in a judging content. 

IMG_0887 IMG_2171.jpeg

You can see this aunt, who is Loren’s cousin’s daughter, being remembered by the local museum which had a booth at the fair. This is a photograph of her earning a prize for showing one of her chickens at the fair some years ago.


Our cousin’s daughter also coached our five year old cousin, who is a potential future 4Her, to show another of her goats. She has already learned well to always look at the judge as she parades the goat around the arena, one of the aspects of showing that the judge looks for, and, she was well prepared to answer the judge’s questions about the animal. He told us he was amused when she told him the goat was “…a pain in the butt,” however, he also said he has heard worse.

IMG_0904.jpg IMG_0899.jpg

Other aspects of the fair included cheering for competing teams in such fun contests as bobbing for apples, searching for a toy chicken in a haystack, nailing nails into a board, and rolling enormous tractor tires end-to-end across a field. The evening concluded with a “Bohemian tractor pull” in which our cousin’s son-in-law took the lead on his team. He and his daughter had returned from Kansas City from a three day softball competition to participate in this brand new contest at the fair. Another first time event at the fair on a different evening was a team contest to catch a greased pig.


Our cousin’s granddaughter did not show animals this year — the first time in her life to not do so since she joined 4H. Her softball team team won the tournament. Then she and her dad stopped by at Loren’s cousin’s farm for a short visit between a private pitching lesson in Omaha and the start of an upcoming softball camp at Wichita State University.


Once the fair was over, it was back to farm work as usual for our cousins. I should clarify, the animal care chores were also accomplished on fair days, now the more time consuming work of checking and harvesting alfalfa could be attended to as well.

IMG_2180.jpeg IMG_2178.jpeg IMG_2190.jpeg

I had to snap a photo of the enchanting view from Loren’s cousin’s house of a neighboring farmhouse, a view I never tire of seeing when we visit the farm.


On our last evening in Nebraska, we enjoyed playing the card game, Pitch, with several members of the family. We went to bed with the weather report of “slight chance of thunderstorms” but we woke up to an ominous sky. As Loren’s cousin drove us to the airport, we encountered rain, which they do need for the crops, and which did not cause any delays or disturbance with our connecting flight through Denver to San Francisco.

IMG_2213.jpeg IMG_2217.jpeg

Once back in the Bay Area, we had a lovely evening and dinner visit with Loren’s sister. As I was checking the battery in our van for integrity after it had sat idle a few weeks in front of her house, Loren received a message from our AirBnB host to not lock our bedroom because the lock was malfunctioning. We were surprised at the late hour of notice as we had been due to check in at 3pm. We were then grateful to Loren’s sister who invited us to stay overnight. The next day the lock was in working order. We enjoyed a dinner out with another AirBnB guest who we had become friends with from our previous long stay. Her sister manages the restaurant where we ate and it was nice to see her again too.


Then Loren and I were on the road again, this time heading for Clear Lake, northeast of Napa. It was nostalgic to see the blooming oleander along the more rural freeway. It struck me that all the freeways in the bay area had had roads similarly decorated when I first moved to California. That lasted until the increases in traffic necessitated removing them in the more densely populated areas, to make additional lanes for the people.


We had invited friends to join us at our AirBnB and they arrived not long after we did. We four spent today driving around parts of the lake where we all have memories. Most notable are the houses and apartment complex that one of our friends’ father built in the 1970’s, which are still in excellent condition.

IMG_2236.JPG IMG_2237.JPG IMG_2238.JPG IMG_2239.JPG

We took along a picnic lunch and stopped at a roadside park to enjoy it. While there we had a different view of the most prominent feature of the lake – Mount Konocti. A few weeks ago I read something in the New York Times about spending 2 hours a week in nature… actually, I think we should spend 2 hours a day in nature when we can.


Week 272 June 15, 2019

Hello from New York! And, Happy Father’s Day tomorrow to all our family and friends who are Fathers!

Before leaving California last Saturday night, and after packing up our belongings at our AirBnB, Loren and I enjoyed a delightful meal out with special friends who we made at the AirBnB where we stayed just 3 days shy of a full year. 


While we were in the restaurant, we received a text message that our flight leaving San Francisco airport that evening was delayed. It was long enough to interfere with our connecting flight and to cause us to be late for our scheduled rental car pickup. We called the airline only to find it would be at least a two hour wait time to speak with an agent…


A dear friend had offered to drive us to the airport, and we only pushed back our ride with him by half an hour to have enough time to speak with an airline representative at the airport. I am grateful we went early and had the delayed flight because, when we arrived at SFO, I discovered I had forgotten my ID. Loren was kind to me about all the effort it took for us with round-trip public transit and Uber rides to retrieve it. We were also able to rearrange our rental car pickup time. When we returned to the airport, our flight had been further delayed due to severe thunder storms in Georgia. We had actually needed most of that extra time. We ultimately left San Francisco 4 hours late, spent 4 extra hours in Atlanta, and arrived safe in New York 8 hours later than scheduled. I smiled on seeing an advertisement from the amusement park of my youth at the airport. 

IMG_1099.png IMG_1104.jpeg

As Loren said, “It was a journey just trying to leave!”


Fortunately Loren and I had both been able to sleep some on the overnight flight. We rented the car, and drove to Pennsylvania to arrive at my junior high school friend’s place where we had a lovely visit. We extended our stay an additional night, to make up for how late we had arrived. We played cards together and I put together an easy puzzle which nearly had me feeling like I had visited the Jersey shore.


While in Pennsylvania one evening, we went to a local bar to watch the NBA Finals’ Warriors vs Raptors Game 5. This lounge had 10 televisions, with 8 of them showing the basketball game. Loren and I were thrilled when our team won!

IMG_1114.jpeg IMG_1119.jpeg

On returning to New York, Loren and I enjoyed a wonderful Mexican dinner with my brother, his wife and their younger daughter. The waiter prepared our guacamole to order at our table. Similarly he prepared a fiery table-side display for my niece’s desert.

IMG_1133.jpeg IMG_1137.jpeg IMG_1143.jpeg

The next day I drove to the upstate village where my father had said his father was born. My brother and I have known little about my father’s side of the family because his parents both died young. I had driven my father to this town once in recent years before he died, but I had not learned much from that trip. This time I stopped at the Village Clerk’s office and was rewarded with seeing the handwritten record of my grandfather’s birth. Now I know the exact month and day of his birth – in addition to the year which I had previously learned from his headstone – as well as the names of my grandfather’s parents. Then I went to the village cemetery and was fortunate to find not only my great-grandfather’s and great-grandmothers’ tombstones, but also this great-grandmother’s parents tombstones. I was so touched to find these special ones’ graves.

IMG_1156.jpeg IMG_1175.jpeg

On leaving the area, I was treated to a great blue heron sitting on a rock in a pond on the side of the road, and just had to snap its’ photo. That evening Loren and I were sorry to see our Warriors lose the Finals to the Raptors in Game 6 of the series. Our team had suffered several injuries in the post season, and another key player had to leave that game due to an injury, dashing the team’s dreams of wining a three-peat championship.


There have been other aspects of nature that also caused me to pause to snap a photo this week – from a colorful bush that reminds me of Australian eucalyptus, to the density of dogwood blossoms this season, to a cardinal and bluejay on adjacent tree branches.

IMG_1128.jpeg IMG_1211.jpeg IMG_1247.jpeg

The next day Loren and I had an hours-long lunch date with another dear friend of mine. She brought photos of she and me from before I had moved to California. I was shocked to be reminded how I had looked thirty years ago when we had visited Cape Cod together one summer. That evening Loren and I went to see The Secret Life of Pets 2, which was as amusing as my recollection of the first Pets film that I had caught most of during a long flight some year or so ago.


Today, we had another wonderful time with my brother, his wife and their younger daughter, in driving to and taking a guided tour of historic West Point. We learned its location was strategic at the time of the Revolutionary War to take advantage of a particular narrow passage of the Hudson River, preventing the British to pass between their ports in New York and Canada. It was a lovely day and we were grateful for the information imparted to us with the high caliber of our tour guide – might I even label her a guidess?

IMG_1220.jpeg IMG_1224.jpeg

Tomorrow we look forward to spending Father’s Day with my brother, who is a great Dad to two beautiful young women.

Week 271 June 8, 2019

As Loren and I make our last preparations to leave California after a year in the AirBnB near Loren’s Mom and sister’s house — now Loren’s sister’s house, we made a priority to have some special connections with important people in our lives. First I want to record how our bedroom has been brightened all week by a bouquet we took home from Loren’s Mom’s Celebration of Life last Saturday.


We began our week over a patio brunch with dear neighbors from San Jose, who drove up our way with their treasured family member – their dog, Arctic. I regret not taking photos, however our meaningful and deep conversations, and a pleasant connection with our waitress who is originally from Turkey, made for good memories. 

One evening we enjoyed a nice evening with Loren’s sister over a barbecue, and relaxed together afterwards over desert on her back deck. She offered that I could pick more of her scrumptious lemons. Like other brimming bags-full this spring that I have taken to the yogis, these lemons were gleefully snatched up after the next classes that I taught. 

Another evening was spent over dinner with Loren’s Godson at what has become a favorite sushi restaurant. Afterwards we went together for ice cream at the parlor Loren frequented on occasion since childhood. Later in the week we enjoyed a pizza dinner with his godson’s parents. We are impressed with the rig his father is outfitting for off-roading and overnighting in the desert – similar to our van in that its size can neatly fit into any parking spot. We look forward to testing out the 5 seater cab when he graciously drives us to the airport for our flight.

IMG_1072.jpeg IMG_1079.jpeg

One day this week Loren and I drove to San Jose where Loren had a meeting with some of the men who were advisors to him in his business. During that time I had a wonderful, though too short catchup lunch with a beloved girlfriend. Again I didn’t capture the time with my camera, though smiles and tears will linger on in my heart.

A different sort of event this week was when one of our AirBnB friends turned 14 years of age. This afternoon we look forward to a belated birthday meal together to celebrate with him and his Mom. She has gaily decorated the door to their spacious bedroom for the occasion, which we also derived pleasure upon seeing…

IMG_1073.jpeg IMG_1032.jpeg IMG_1084 2.jpeg

Loren and I also thoroughly enjoyed viewing a Warrior’s basketball game in Toronto at a Watch Party over a light meal at a theater in Oakland. We attended with these same friends. Together we rode BART there and back. You may not be able to tell from my photos that we were treated to seeing our team win up close on a movie-theater-size screen. Sadly our guys lost Games 1, 3 and 4 so far in this Finals series, from some of our key players having to miss playing for a variety of injuries. We are still hopeful that they can make a miraculous comeback to win the best of 7 when the competition continues again in Toronto next week… they must win each of the next 3 games. Fingers crossed!

IMG_1058.jpg IMG_1044.jpeg IMG_1052.jpeg IMG_1055

Loren has reconnected with his bicycle while we have been here and is off for one more good ride before our departure. For me, I am grateful for the many months I have taught classes for the local Bikram Yoga studio. It has been the longest stretch of time that I have been consistently on a studio’s schedule since my training in 2014, and my teaching skills now reflect the benefits of this time and focus. I was moved when one of my newer students, who knows I will be traveling, expressed her appreciation to me with a bouquet of flowers and a card that says how much my classes have meant to her. Personally, I took the studio’s 30 day challenge that was offered in May, and kept up my daily practice for another 7 days beyond its end. Since then with teaching and packing I had to miss a day though intend to take classes as regularly as I can going forward.

IMG_1081.jpeg IMG_1086.jpeg

Next week’s post on our blog will be from New York, where Loren and I will have begun a month-long visit with more dear family and friends who live on the East Coast. Farewell for now California!


Week 270 June 1, 2019

It was another memorable week in Castro Valley, California and its environs. Loren and I started our week attending an informal dance show put on by one of our AirBnB friends. He is 13 years old and will turn 14 next week. He has been able to claim part of the AirBnB garage for his dance studio. He is quite the gentleman too – of the four women among us in attendance, he invited me – the oldest woman, to share a dance with him.

IMG_0969.jpeg IMG_0971.jpeg IMG_0985.jpeg

The next day was Memorial Day, and with him and his Mom Loren and I went to see Aladdin at the local theater. It was an awesome rendition of the story! At one point I was laughing so hard that I cried, which opened the gates for me to shed more tears as the plot thickened. In that way it exceeded my bar for a movie – they are the best when they elicit me to laugh and also to cry.


In preparation for the Golden State Warriors Finals Game 1 also this week against the Toronto Raptors, our friend – the Mom, created this appealing poster, which recognizes the team’s recent history, slogans, sport and colors.


Loren and I also enjoyed a few meals with friends this week. One evening we had a fabulous dinner with one dear friend at an Italian restaurant. A highlight of the meal was drinking a bottle of Nebbiolo together, an Italian wine from the Piemonte region of Italy, where Lorens mother’s parents each hailed from. 

IMG_0999.jpeg IMG_0998.jpeg

Another day we enjoyed a coffee date with a couple who were at our wedding. In fact he was Loren’s Best Man. We lingered over our drinks for a few hours and could easily have spent more time in good conversation together. Towards the end of the week, Loren and I had a fun lunch date with another couple to try a New York style thin slice cheese pizza.  It was doughier than I remember from New York, but the flavor was indeed reminiscent of slices I had as a child. I noticed the smiles on the face of the one friend were so much more pronounced than I had ever remembered seeing, and I attribute that to her recent retirement, or, maybe it is that the preparation for their daughter’s wedding that they recently hosted at their home is now behind them.


This week too, I completed my 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge! It feels good to have gone everyday for a month, and I continued the challenge – today I took class for my 32nd day  in a row. Not all who attempted the challenge completed it, but at least several gave it a whirl. It was also fun to see the studio manager’s puppy there one day. It seems that just a few weeks ago the manager was holding her puppy in her arms like an infant, but now she is much too big for that. She brought her in to the studio for the first time in a long time, as the pup is recovering from being spayed this week.

IMG_1002.jpeg IMG_1003.jpeg IMG_1004.jpeg

The most important event for us this week is that we formally celebrated the life of Loren’s Mom. It was a small gathering, beautifully coordinated by Loren’s sisters, and it was a wonderful tribute. From the tasty fare, to the photo collages, to the meaningful conversations with special friends, neighbors, coworkers and family, and, the heartfelt remembrances and accolades, I am sure she would have been touched if she could have been there in person. Her daughters even thought to display her favorite poem, Joyce Kilmer’s Trees. To use one of Loren’s Mom’s favorite phrases, the event was Super Duper!

IMG_1016.jpeg IMG_1022.jpeg IMG_1028.jpeg IMG_1029.jpeg


Week 269 May 25, 2019

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I am especially remembering my father today, who was a WWII veteran. He left Syracuse University to volunteer for the US Army with the intent to preserve freedom, like so many young men of his generation did. He was a lucky one, able to return to finish his studies and have a good, long life. My brother and I had the fortune to escort him to his college reunion twelve years ago, then the next year to commemorate my niece’s Sweet Sixteenth birthday celebration. He died at age 91, just five years ago this month.

Syracuse '47 Reunion Lunch.jpeg Syracuse BBQ.jpg DSCF0340.jpg

Like my father, when I become interested in a sports team, I am all in. In addition to the Syracuse Orange athletic teams, his was the New York Yankees baseball team. Right now, mine is the Golden State Warriors basketball team. Loren and I are so proud of them for their sweep of the Western Conference Finals. They “Won the West” against the Portland Trailblazers in just four games. 


Now we will face the Toronto Raptors later this week, starting in Toronto. They similarly took the Eastern Conference Finals, but it took them six games to win the series. During one of their games played in Toronto, a newscaster borrowed a Raptors fan’s placard to show the camera. It said “The Bucks Stop Here!” a witty play on President Truman’s famous statement, “The buck stops here.” I wonder what slogan their fans might come up with for our upcoming series? Regardless, while they were right about the Bucks, I have faith that our two-consecutive-years championship team will clinch the three-peat…

IMG_0947.png IMG_0952.jpeg

Other news this week is, my 30 day challenge of taking a Bikram yoga class every day for 30 days is nearly over. Since I am not on the schedule to teach through the end of the month I will not have to spend the more than four hours in the hot room – like I did on the days when I also taught two classes, to complete my own yoga class for the day. What I noticed this week on my drive to and from the yoga studio are the bountiful roses in full bloom along the freeway overpass. 

IMG_0967.jpeg IMG_0958 2.jpeg

Loren and I finished out this week having dinner with friends at a restaurant that Loren and I used to frequent a lot before we began our travels. Before dinner Loren and I took a walk around the downtown of our neighborhood, something we always enjoyed doing when we lived there. It was interesting to note what is new mixed in with what we remember. Later, in the restaurant, it took me aback to notice a familiar chair with the same upholstery as I remembered from that long ago. 

IMG_0966.jpeg IMG_0964.jpeg

Loren and I so appreciate our family and friends for keeping up with us here on our blog all this time. It is nearly a year that we have been staying at the AirBnB near what is now Loren’s sister’s house. Next week we will have a small gathering to celebrate their Mom’s life. The following week, Loren and I will begin to resume our travels. We will start off with a visit to New York again, and are excited to share here all that will come next. 

Week 268 May 18, 2019

This week included Mother’s Day, and Loren and I wish a Happy belated to all our family and friends, especially those who are mothers.

It was touching for us, as this was our first Mother’s Day since Loren’s Mom died in March. Loren’s sister invited us to join her for breakfast at their Mom’s favorite breakfast restaurant, which was meaningful and nice. At the end of our meal, the wait staff brought 2 roses for Loren’s sister – one for her and one for her and Loren’s Mom. They gave me one too, which I later bestowed on a neighbor of Loren’s sister when she brought a vase of her home grown flowers to Loren’s sister’s home.

IMG_0876 2.jpeg

That afternoon Loren and I visited with the mother of friends of ours. Unfortunately she had had a fall just a week after her 98th birthday, breaking ribs and a shoulder. She is in some discomfort, and is recuperating in a local nursing home. It was great to also visit with her daughter, who was in town for Mother’s Day from New York. Then Loren and I came home to see a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the kitchen that belongs to one of our AirBnB friends.

image1.jpeg IMG_0880.jpeg

Loren and I also enjoyed seeing special friends this week, on a date for Indian food with a former colleague of mine and her partner. We had another date, for coffee in Livermore with a yoga teacher friend of ours, where I taught a Bikram class that evening. I also thoroughly enjoyed catching up with two dear colleague friends, each over a lunch date this week. One of them was in the South Bay, and as I drove to meet her I was surprised to see another new street named for another high tech company. It has been that long since I have lived in the milieu of Silicon Valley on a day to day basis, that I was a little tickled at seeing such a tribute.


Another stunning experience for me this week was noticing a ring on a stranger’s finger in a coffee shop. She was gracious about my interest, as it reminded me in many ways of a ring of my father’s mother. This woman’s has a little different layout, but the basic design in the same, and she explained that he husband had found it at an estate sale. Not only did she indulged me in taking a photo of it, she offered to take it off her finger to have a better angle.


Otherwise the highlights of our week were spent in taking yoga classes – I am more than half way though my 30 day challenge, and still enjoy teaching a few classes a week locally. And, we cheered on our Golden State Warriors who are competing against the Portland Trailblazers. We were delighted to see them win three in a row of this round of best of 7 playoff games. This is the Semifinals or the Western Conference Finals. Whoever wins will compete in the National Finals. They will play against either the Milwaukee Bucks – who have 2 wins, or the Toronto Raptors. We wish our team all the best in making a sweep of straight 4 wins on Monday evening… GO WARRI🏀RS!



Week 267 May 11, 2019

This week flew past, maybe because I posted a little late last week? Anyway a good part of it was spent in the local Bikram Yoga studio, where I am still teaching more classes than I had been to help with them being a little understaffed. In addition, it seemed the studio spontaneously offered a 30 Day Challenge for the month of May, which I accepted along with about 30 other students. I had to miss taking a class one day last week, so this week I had to take 2 classes on the same day to make it up. I am excited about this Challenge. It has been a long time since I have taken one. It’s a nice way to trim down a little for the summer and a nice way for the studio to build more community with its students. At the end of this week the Challenge is already one-third complete…

IMG_0869.jpeg IMG_0868.jpeg

Loren and I had a brief visit in San Jose with our property manager and her handyman early in the week, to receive a bid for a fixit project. While we were there we found some fragrant sweet pea blooming in our yard…


Another highlight this week was having a dinner out at a sports bar with one of our AirBnB friends, to see the Golden State Warriors in Round 2 Game 4 of the Playoffs. Sadly, they lost, but we thoroughly enjoyed the evening out together.


Maybe Loren’s and my grandest highlight this week was seeing Hamilton in San Francisco. I have wanted to see it since a traveler friend who we met in Africa, who lives in Australia, flew to London to see it a few years ago. I think she also wanted to see friends who she had made when she worked there too, but I remember being impressed that that was her reason to travel. It was well worth the hefty price tag for Loren and I to see it here. Even though all the action took place on the same creative set, Loren still found it riveting with no lapse during the entire performance.

IMG_0859.jpeg  IMG_0863.jpeg

Unfortunately our Warriors’ Game 5 was that same evening, so after the performance we found a bar with a TV and caught the last part of the action. Our Warriors lost a valuable player to injury during that game, but the team went on to make the win.

We enjoyed having a pizza dinner with friends who live within walking distance of our AirBnB, and although they had not been as interested in watching the Warrior’s Game 6, we did turn on their TV in time to see the amazing 4th quarter win that clinched this round. It was especially amazing in that one of the stars on the team was scoreless in the entire first half, then came back with a record breaking scoring streak in the 2nd half.

Loren and I finished up our week having a lunch date with a dear colleague of mine, who we both thoroughly enjoy visiting with although the visits are too far in between.




Week 266 May 4, 2019

Loren and I have had some nice visits this week, starting with taking lunch to Loren’s sister one day. So much more of her garden is blooming that it was fun to photograph.

IMG_0680.jpeg IMG_0683.jpeg IMG_0684.jpeg  IMG_0688.jpeg  IMG_0687.jpeg IMG_0689.jpeg

Another visit we had was with one of our AirBnB guest’s at his art show with other local youth. We were happy for him that all his pieces sold during the first day of the display!


I am still enjoying teaching Bikram Yoga classes this month, and this week I had an opportunity to teach at another local studio. Afterwards I visited with a yoga teacher friend who lives near it, and caught up on seeing her recent wedding photos.


Then we had an especially meaningful morning with Loren’s sister. We went with her and a friend of hers on a fundraiser walk called Hike for Hope. It was significant in that it benefitted Hope Hospice – the organization that helped with the last month of Loren’s mother’s care. It was a gorgeous day at Del Valle Regional Park, and we did the longer 4 mile hike along the lake and slightly up into the hills, seeing some wildflowers. We stayed  afterwards for the barbecue as well.

IMG_0732.jpeg IMG_0733.jpeg IMG_0742

We’ve also enjoyed seeing our Golden State Warriors win the first two of three games this week in the second round of playoff games, and wish them better luck in the fourth and fifth of the series this coming week. 

Loren and I ended our week by taking BART – Bay Area Rapid Transit, to San Francisco to celebrate a special friend’s birthday. On the way to meet up I was thrilled to walk along Columbus Avenue, which is the Italian neighborhood there that I have longed to see.

IMG_0745.jpeg IMG_0749

Our friend and her husband were visiting from Ashland. It was fun to hang out with other family and friends of theirs at Fisherman’s Wharf, then have dinner together.

IMG_0755.jpeg IMG_0797.jpeg IMG_0813.jpeg IMG_0817.jpeg IMG_0822.jpeg

We four enjoyed staying overnight, and, having a farewell brunch in the morning too.


On Loren’s and my walk back to the BART station we saw another example of San Francisco’s uniquely architected landmarks. We feel very blessed to have had these many great visits this week.